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A Wild Mistake

By: Morgan G.
Virginia, Age 11

Once in a place where only things lived, there were three friends. Well, thatís not how it started, they were actually the worst of enemies. Mother Nature said, ďThese three elements must never cross paths or the world would be in danger.Ē Since they lived in a place that spread throughout the entire world, they could never combine or the forests would be destroyed. What they didnít know was that they were destined to be together, forever.
The lovely maid, which was one of the workers, was just doing her job. She was the only one who lived in this place who was able to leave the forest. She was sent on a journey to deliver water to the finest town. Unfortunately she died during the journey. It was too harsh to step into those woods, the woods of the wild.
Mother Nature sent the new maid, Sarah, who was just as fine and lovely as the other one but, this one had strength. This time the new maid was sent with a partner. Valorie was an element, and soon the dead maid, and Sarah, would be too. Valorie liked to make new elements all the time, including this time. Sarah never wanted to be an element, she just wanted to live a normal life.
They set out to the forest realizing it had been very hot in their path. Then, out of nowhere they realized that they were being followed, by a spirit that was warm. For Valorie that was a huge problem, because what I didnít know was that Valorie could see spirits. Sarah tried running away before Valorie could see the spirit, but that didnít happen. It was fate that it didnít happen because that spirit was the lovely maid, who died in the forest, that they are currently in. When Valorie saw her, she turned her into the element of heat. She chose that because of the warm path.
Then, Valorie got a hold of Sarahís soul. It shook, twisted, and turned untilÖ
Sarah was no longer normal, she was fuel. Her worst nightmare had become reality, she was an element. Having three elements together could only lead to dreadful things. The world was now in danger forever, and there was only one way to stop it. Mother Nature had to do something about it. Her plan was to combine the three elements to form a fire.
As Mother Nature wished, she received. All three girls, the dead maid, Sarah and Valorie, were fire. They still had to continue their path however, they will never finish because they are elements combined. Mother Nature doesnít allow elements to leave the forest. So, from now on they will lurk in the forest as what they were destined to be.
The only reason I would know that is because I was there to put a stop to it. Sometimes fire would leave the forest but, I would put a stop to it, as water. I am a part of their folktale and a part of their destiny. Thatís how the wild fire came to be.