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Greedy Monkey

By: Hamid-dar-khan A.
Pakistan, Age 5

Once upon a time there was a monkey. It was very clever and mean . It was a broad and tall monkey with small bald head . It had long light brown hair and seemed to be ghouls . It was an active monkey and had long dirty lousy sharp nails . One day it was eating some delicious bananas filled with tasty juice. Suddenly a blink of eye and every thing changed . It found itself lying on the ground and its leg was mutilated it cried in pain and cried in pain some hunters gathered around it waving there rifles in excitement and in enjoyment. The monkey cried in pain, the monkey friend watched him but didn't help him as he got scared. A sweet monkey crossed and felt sad for monkey, she helped him by hitting stones at hunter and when he was saved his friend came towards him but he didn't talk to him.After that Both Monkey married each other and had little kids.