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How The Jaguar Got His Spots

By: Emily B.
Switzerland, Age 9

A long, long time ago in Australia in the jungle a Jaguar lived with his 2 girls named Maria and Polly. Maria was very cheeky and always got in to trouble. Polly was very fast and cuddly. The Jaguar was plain orange. One morning there was a person who was writing a book about the Jungle and the animals. One day Jaguar said, “Come on children we are going for a walk”. The girls were playing hide and seek. Polly was very fast and always caught Maria. Maria got very grumpy and cross. Maria and Polly started to fight. Mum Jaguar said, “ STOP!!!”, And the girls accidentally knocked the ink glass over that the man was using to write the book and ink flew everywhere. That’s how the Jaguar got his spots.