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How the Snake lost his legs

By: Gwyneth M.
Switzerland, Age 9

Once upon a time long, long ago a Snake with legs lived in the jungle.
He was green and had red stripes. Suddenly the Snake heard loud music.
He went nearer and nearer and then he saw a Circus tent,
it was very colourful. He went in and watched the show.
He liked it. After the show he asked the Circus master if he could help in the Circus. The Circus master said they needed a knife thrower’s assistant.
Because the Snake was very brave he said, “Yes.”
At the first practice all was good.
When the show came the knife thrower had a really bad cold and his eyes were streaming, but he made the show. He threw the knifes and he accidentally cut the Snake’s legs off. After the show the Circus master gave the Snake some cream so it wouldn’t hurt any more. The Snake stayed a little longer at the Circus and then he left. Some time later he looked for a wife. He thought, “I can’t find a wife.”
Then he found a very nice lady Snake. They had a lot of fun together, married and had many children all born without legs. And since then no Snake is ever born with legs. They all lived happily ever after!