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How the Sun became RED HOT

By: Seth Y.
Switzerland, Age 9

One billion years ago in space, our sun was born. There were not many things in space back then, not much at all. Only nebulas producing stars, so the Sun was nearly all alone. It got used to being alone, no noise and bothering…
“Life is perfect”, thought the Sun, who was not aware of its future full of disturbance. A few thousand years later, planets took place around the Sun. The planets made fun of the Sun, by saying,
“You are so boring because you don’t do anything.”
They also made annoying sounds like snort, burp, and other silly noises, and they followed the Sun everywhere where it went. Now, as you know, the Sun was not used to all this bothering. Each day, it would wake up really early and grumpy, because the planets barely slept and shouted at the Sun
“Wake up!”
The noise and bothering backfired sometimes though, because the Sun sent solar storms, which the planets were terrified of. But their magnetic field deflected it well. But one day, Mars whispered to his friends,
“The Sun is so stupid”.
The Sun heard what Mars said, so Mars had its 100th punishment, and lost its magnetic field. After that moment and that day on, every planet behaved well. But the Sun has never forgiven them. And over the years, the Sun kept thinking about these annoying things, and it got angry after having to suffer all those moments. Like when Jupiter shouted
“Snort, snort, snort!”
Or when Neptune put a whoopee cushion on the Sun’s seat and the Sun went red with an embarrassing and angry look and shouted
“Who put this whoopee cushion under my seat?”
While the Sun kept thinking about these things, it became red hot. And that’s how the Sun became red hot.
The end.