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“Why do skunks have a white stripe down their

By: Luc P.
Switzerland, Age 9

June 26th, 1954, a beautiful afternoon for me and my best friend, Noah. A lovely summer day in the hills of Montana, an awesome country with miles and miles of ranchs and wildlife. A whole afternoon on the ranch to me and Noah. We were fishing, as I recall, were with my two dogs, Shadow and Darcy; they were fishing too, with their paws.
That evening, when I am back home with my dogs, it was nighttime. It was a lovely ranch, with lost of healthy and nourishing animals: the horses in their stables, the pigs in their mud wallow, and the puppies in the barn, and best of all, my parents in the big old ranch house which was attached to the barn.
The next day , my dad and I said good bye to my mom .
“Oh and I almost forgot , we also will be picking up your friend for the sleepover besides painting that white stripe down the middle of the road … I still don’t know why they need it , ‘’ said dad .
After picking up Noah , we went painting the middle of the road .
Suddenly , we hit a bump !
It turned out it was two SKUNKS ON THEIR HONEYMOON !
Two weeks later , they had babies with WHITE STRIPES TOO !