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''Berry, Berry Fun''

By: Patrick B.
Nebraska, Age 14

In Africa in the south region there was a gray parrot named Farah Bagy. His three sisters Mira, Airy, and Vica got tired of him getting in trouble and tricking everyone.
One day Mira,Airy, Vica, and Farah were fighting about Farah tricking them. Mira said, “You really need to stop now because if you don’t, I will tell mom and dad.”
Farah said, “What will mom and dad do about it?” Vira and Airy were yelling at Farah and Mira to stop. The next day Farah tricked his three sisters again.
Later he smooshed a whole bunch of berrys and then put it in a basket over there door when they all came out, the berries spilled on them staining their feathers. They become colorful.
The next day the three sisters were talking talking at the same time, “When he is sleeping on a branch, we should smoosh red berrys and put his tale in it.”
And they did just that.
That is why the African Gray Bird has a red tail and some parrots are colorful.