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Chocolate Touch

By: Tate N.
Minnesota, Age 14

Long ago, there was a man named Henry. He was a short, stocky, rich man who only cared about himself and chocolate. Henry LOVED chocolate. He also had the worst luck ever. All of the people that lived in the village wished they were him, and had all of his money.
One day Henry found a genie bottle in his house. As he rubbed the bottle the genie popped out. The genie told Henry, I will grant you one wish.
Henry answered in less than a second, I wish everything I touched turned to chocolate!
The genie granted him this wish and returned into the bottle. Henry didn't believe the wish and came true so he touched his bed. Immediately the bed turned to chocolate. He went around touching everything in sight. After an hour he looked like an elephant because he had eaten so much chocolate. Henry had gained two hundred pounds! He was too full to eat anymore chocolate, so he decided to stop touching things.
Later that night while Henry was walking through town he accidentally touched an old man. The old man turned into chocolate. All the people in the town ran away from Henry, and no one came near him. He ran home crying, and grabbed the genie bottle and rubbed it. The genie popped out. He explained to the genie what had happened. The genie had an idea. The genie said, I will reverse the wish only if you are kind to everyone and share your wealth.
Henry agreed saying, I promise I will never treat anyone badly again, and I will share my money with everyone!
From that day on Henry kept his promise and cared about everyone else more than he cared about himself.