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Aalyiah's World

By: Aalyiah G.
North Carolina, Age 12

Once upon a time a girl named Aalyiah was trying to find her castle while walking through the woods; she saw this very odd tree. The tree was pink with a blue bird nest. On the bird nest it was a piece of paper that said push here. She pushed the nest and the tree split in half leading a path to this world.
As Aalyiah starting walking through, an airplane flew across the beautiful blue sky. On the airplane was a banner that said “Welcome Home Aalyiah”. I saw this weird/odd looking people. One girl name Tiffany was a Hershey kiss and another girl name Gabby was a milk chocolate Hershey bar. They were real nice and kind. Then I met three evil boys. Their names were TJ, Kelvin, and Mel. TJ was a big fat hot cinnamon peppermint and every time he walked by you could smell his cinnamon. Kelvin was a short, fat gummy bear and he was from a town called Gummy City. Mel was a big, fat chocolate chip cookie and he was from Cookieville. The kind girls and I convinced the boys into being nice to us. We needed their help to find my castle.
While we were on our way, we made a mistake and went through Bubblegum Forest. The gum was pink and very sticky. Tiffany the magical Hershey kiss had something in her bag that helped us got unstuck. I asked Tiffany what was the stuff that she had in her bag called but she said it was magic (in a sarcastic voice). We were so happy. We all hugged her until she couldn’t breathe almost.
After that we went through Gummy City because Kelvin needed to get his things so he can spend the night. There was a big argument that turned into a big fight. Kelvin cousins wanted him to stay there with them like he normally does, but Kelvin didn’t want to. One of Kelvin cousins hit me in the back of my head and then I bit a big chunk of gummy out of him. We finally stopped fighting and were back on our way.
We all sang a best friends song that tells us to have fun. F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me, N is for anywhere at anytime at all down here in the deep blue sea.
We finally got to my castle and we had a tea party and fun while singing the song.
The End!!!