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An African lesson

By: Grace M.
North Carolina, Age 12

One day in beautiful, bright green grassland the animals were gazing around. The fruit tree was surrounded by animals eating the juicy, sweet fruit. You could see the animals for miles. The tallest of the animals was Carry the camel. The smallest animal was Kamboo the koala. Kamboos fur was as soft as pure silk. The safari was one of the most beautiful features Africa has ever seen.
Kamboo has always been picked on by the other animals. Carry was the leader of the safari. All the animals obeyed Carry. At night in the safari the breeze brought chills to the animals. The stars were glowing in the dark sky. When Kamboo awoke all the animals were laughing. She realized she was in the top of the fruit tree. Carry said “Kamboo why don’t you come down?” knowing Kamboo was afraid of heights. Carry began to tell jokes about Kamboo. Tywan the turtle noticed Kamboo was up in the tree. Tywan was the oldest of all the animals and all the animals looked up to him. Tywan demanded Carry get Kamboo down. Carry obeyed Tywan and removed Kamboo from the trees.
Kamboo realized that Carry wasn’t joking anymore. Kamboo was tired of always getting picked on by the other animals for being smaller than them. Kamboo realized she didn’t need to be picked on anymore by the other animals. Later on that day she went to talk to her best friend Dombe. Kamboo told Dombe about how she was getting picked on by Carry. Dombe told Kamboo that Carry had an older sister named Casey. Casey was a very nice camel and always helped anybody in the safari. Kamboo was still upset about what had happened early that morning. As Kamboo thought about it she thought she should tell Casey what happened with Carry and the other animals.
The next day when Kamboo saw Carry at the fruit tree she thought should I tell him how I feel about getting picked on? Kamboo knew if she told the other animals how she felt she would just get laughed at. Kamboo knew she couldn’t get picked on for long until she couldn’t handle it anymore. Casey noticed Kamboo looked sad. Casey was with her friend Zabian when she walked over to Kamboo. Casey asked Kamboo what was wrong. Kamboo told Casey what was happening with the other animals. Casey told Kamboo she needed to stand up to them. Kamboo told Casey she would think about it.
The next day Kamboo saw Carry walking with his best friend Dylan who was a donkey. Kamboo walked up to Dylan and Carry. She said “I am tired of always getting picked on by the other animals. I have had enough of it.” Nobody spoke for a few minutes. Dylan quietly said “Carry you really should stop picking on the other animals.” Dombe, Kamboos best friend noticed Kamboo talking to Carry and Dylan. When Dombe walked over to them she noticed Carry had not said anything. Carry suddenly walked away. Nobody knew why he left and nobody tried to find out.
That might Carry thought about how he had hurt Kamboo. Carry felt guilty for always picking on Kamboo. Carry couldn’t sleep that night. He thought what if they were picking on me? How would I feel? That morning Carry went to the fruit tree and found Kamboo. He said “I am so sorry for what I have done to you.” Kamboo immediately accepted Carry’s apology. Since that day Carry has never picked on any of the animals. The animals are kind and have no problems with picking on others.