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A Big Storm

By: Mckenna G.
Georgia, Age 12

Once upon a time, there was a girl, Bethany, but everyone called her Beth. She lived in a beautiful house by the ocean. She lived with her parents and her dog, who was always by her side. Every morning she would wake up and take a walk on the beach with her dog. One morning, when she was walking with her dog, a big storm came. As they were jogging back to there house, a huge wave came over them. It swayed over them until it crashed down. The dog yelped, the girl screamed, and their house came tumbling down. What if I told you that the girl didn't see the house fall when the storm abruptly stopped. She isn't dead. She isn't unconscious. She is just not there anymore. I may sound crazy, but this girl isn't in her beach house or anywhere near there. She is under the sea.

She can't see anything when the sea calms again. She breathes heavy breaths and tries to settle herself and when she is calm, she looks up and sees the sun above her. A sigh of relief exhales her lungs. Beth looks for her dog and finds him sleeping soundly on the bottom of the sea. THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA?! She screams, waking her dog. She can still breathe. What is going on? She yells out as loud as she possibly can. Since she can still breathe, she slowly swims upward to find the surface, so she can get back to her beautiful house. She had been swimming for about an hour or so, and she still had a long way to go. Beth just kept swimming. She finally realized that she would never reach the surface. She sinks back down to the bottom. Beth suddenly feels hungry. She is walking, breathing, and living underwater. She walks for a long way and finally finds a local sushi shack for the fish. The manager fish asked what she wanted to eat. Beth blinked her eyes, rolled them and walked out. She soon died of starvation. Today's lesson is to accept everyone and not just ignore someone. That fish is probably very sad...