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How The Alligator got it's Scales

By: Richard and Julianne K.
North Carolina, Age 9

One hot Summer day when Tar river was as hot as the sun,the alligator was swimming around the alliators back itched so he rubbed it on a tree. When he scratched his back on the tree he got tar on his back. The alligator laying in the sun. Fred the fisherman was fishing when hi fish got looose near by. The fish flopped this way and that and landed on the alligators smooth plain back. The alligator started walking around because the fish startled the alligator.
The alligator said to the fish ''get off my back.''I can't said Freddie fish I cant breathe.
In the meantime it was getting so hot the tar stuck more to the alligators back. It was so hectic! The fisherman said ''what am I going to eat this is the fifth time my fish got loose.'' The fisherman took the fishes tail. the fisherman pulled off the fish on the alligators back but the scales of the fish stayed on. The fish shook even more and all of his scales fell off until he was bare. That is how the alligator got it's scales!