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How the lion got his roar

By: Jordan & Hunter J.
North Carolina, Age 9

Long long ago, far far away at a place called Africa.There was a problem, a lion had a weak roar.No body could hear his roar. One day in Africa their was a attack. The attack was by bobcats .
Five minutes later the lion had heard the news. He ran to a group of elephants. The elephants ran when he got there. So he ran to the antelope, before he got there they were gone too. Then he saw the elephants and antelopes at the water hole. Soon after the lion saw the grass that was two feet long moving. First he thought it was the wind.
Two minutes later he noticed it was the bobcats. So he tried to roar, but nothing came out but a little squick.He got so annoyed he roared. It sounded like a airplane flying overhead. The animals ran at the spead of lighting when they heard it. That is How the Lion got it's Roar.