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Answers, Answers, Answers

By: Lillian S.
Iowa, Age 7

One day Bella and Graycen went to Elizabeth' s house for dinner. They all wondered why people have different colored hair. They went to Bella's house for a meeting . Graycen said '' Maybe we can text everyone in the world and ask them what color hair they have .'' Bella said , '' Texting would take forever.'' ''How about we call everyone in the world,'' said Bella. Elizabeth said ,''Maybe we can just go to every house in the neighborhood and ask everyone what color hair they have.''That's a great idea, '' said Bella and Graycen. So they decided to look around the neighborhood to see how many colors of hair their are. First they went to their friend, Ellie's house. She had brown hair. '' So we went to every house in the neighborhood ,'' said Elizabeth. '' Now what are we going to do?'' asked Bella. ''Well, let's see which hair color has the most,'' said Graycen. ''We have 15 blondes, 13 browns , and 18 blacks said Bella. ''So that's all the colors of hair in the neighborhood,'' said Elizabeth.