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A True Friendship.

By: Syed A.
Pakistan, Age 13

Once there was a girl named Laiba who was good enough to study and giving proper logical answer to the teacher. Her every classmate used to criticize,except for her one true friend named Tony. Actually the reason behind this problem was that Laiba was Pakistani and Tony obviously a Christian,therefore,their class fellows used to make fun of them. Laiba and Tony both had the ability to bear the stress and think out of the box but Tony was little weak in studies. So in this case Laiba used to motivate,encourage and support Tony anxiously. One morning,when Laiba was was not able to get Tony,she got in a state of confusion that how Tony will study;how he will be replying to the teacher's question.But then instantly,Laiba got ready and went straight ahead to Tony's cousin home. And finally Tony was there. Laiba was now free of tension and she took Tony a side and started giving lessons on the hard topics. She did so much hard work on him and after the weekend,Tony was able to answer the solutions. Now everyone was astounded to see Tony's performance just like Laiba.

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Never fear to get true friend. Genuinely strive for mutually beneficial solution or agreements in your friendship.