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A Ghost of a Tale

By: Kyrsten B.
Texas, Age 12

A long, long time ago in a very poor and small town lived a beauty queen named Summer Hudson. She was everything a girl would want to be. She had a boyfriend named Trey Desmond.
Summer likes him a lot and theyĂve been going out for a whole year, yet everyone in their small town disapproves of their dating. Summer is obsessed with Trey, she loves him dearly, but to others Trey seems to act like he only hangs around Summer for more attention, but he has enough already. He continues to get into trouble with the people in the town. Summer and Trey even have their own little spot near a huge tunnel that trains use, up against the tunnel on the side is a pile of boulders which they sit upon to talk and if Summer convinces him a picnic.

One day when it was slightly drizzling cold rain he told her that his father decided they should move away from the lonely little town in Texas and to somewhere bigger like Austin or Houston [which back then werenĂt nearly as big as they are now]. Summer was devastated at TreyĂs news. But he told her that he would return for her, for supposedly that was all he cared for. And everyday Summer would return to the spot next to the tunnel to sit and wait for him. She would never know when he would return for her, his love. Over the years Summer continued to go to that spot waiting and waiting.

Everybody in the town new that Summer was wasting her life away on those rocks, boys even asked her for dating, but she would always decline.

She would always answer politely, ˘No, I couldnĂt ever let down my one true love!÷ She would then sigh and go on waiting. Her parents soon began to worry about her. Especially when the rain season began to come. She would still go out and sit on the rocks while it rained always waiting. Yet one day she got sick, dreadfully sick. Her mother refused to let her go sit on the rocks anymore.

˘Yes, I have to! I couldnĂt ever let down my one true love!÷ She replied pleadingly. She wanted to go so badly that when her mother thought she was sleeping Summer sneaked outside in her nightgown and walked down to the old worn railroad tunnel. When she secretly returned home after about one or two hours of waiting, her sickness was worse. Her mother came in and checked on her. Seeing that Summer was worse she called a doctor who rushed over right away.

˘Oh, dear misses Hudson what we have here is a serious case of pneumonia.÷ He led SummerĂs mother into another room. ˘We have no medicine for this kind of thing, I am sorry. Here is your bill, feed her soup and she may have a chance.÷ He left without another word.

The very next day Summer was fed soup over and over again, but when her mother again thought she was asleep Summer again snuck out and walked to their [Trey and SummerĂs spot]. Once there it soon began to rain, but despite her condition she stayed there.

After the rain was finished a little boy walking by found her lying on the rocks curled up moaning, he ran off to find help. Yet once help arrived she was pronounced dead.

˘We are very sorry MaĂam.÷ Everyone would tell SummerĂs parents. ˘You shouldnĂt have let her date that hoodlum of a boy. Trey wasnĂt a well behaved kid if you know what I mean.÷

Years and years later a little girl named Sabrina and her friend, Lisette were visiting the small town. It was at 4:00, the same time that Summer would come out to wait for her true love, that the two girls found an old tunnel with boulders at the side. Suddenly a beautiful girl dressed in clothing very out dated came from inside the old run down train tunnel and sat upon the rocks staring longingly out at the open, waiting, and waiting. ˘I will always wait for my one true love for I can never let him down!÷ The ghost girl said. ˘Summer and Trey forever!÷

At that the two girls ran off to share there amazing tale with SabrinaĂs grandmother. The elderly lady pulled out an old book and found the story to tell them. She told them word for word what I have told you. At the end of the tale Sabrina exclaimed, ˘Wow! I wonĂt ever let people run my life. I know that my choices are my choices, but she oughta chosen more wisely.÷
˘Yes, Sabrina you just figured out the point of the story, although it is real. Never have your life run by someone else, and to choose the choices you get very carefully.÷ Her grandmother replied.