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A Monkey's Tail

By: Melanie C.
Texas, Age 12

A long time ago, in a jungle far, far away, there lived a kingdom of 20 young monkeys. The monkeys were small, brown, and had no tail, like monkeys do now.

The monkeys were intimidated by their enemy, Great Gorilla and his followers. One day, Great Gorilla sent a messenger to the jungle to say, ˘Great Gorilla will come in three moons; be prepared!÷

The monkeys were very scared. They quickly formed an army of 19, which was everyone but Banana Peel, the youngest in the kingdom. Banana Peel got his name because when he was small, he accidentally laid on a rotten, brown, banana peel which stuck! From then on, Banana Peel walks with a banana peel stuck to his back.

The small monkey army trained every day from dawn until dusk. During the day, Banana Peel only sat and sadly ate banana after banana while listening to offensive remarks from the army.

All too soon, three moons passed and the monkey army stood at their guard. Suddenly, loud, thunder-like noises approached nearer and nearer until the noise was earsplitting! The monkeys grabbed their banana weapons and got in fighting position. Before the monkeys could blink, hundreds of gorillas came running over the kingdomĂs hill, stomping down precious banana trees in their path.

Unexpectedly, a monkey dropped his weapon and ran into the depths of the jungle. The monkey army was now down to 18, against hundreds. Before the gorillas knew it, weapons were flying all over the place and monkeys were wildly running for their lives! The monkeyĂs army now had one warrior, who followed his friends and ran.

In a nearby banana tree, Banana Peel sat, amused at how cowardly his fellow monkeys were acting.

˘Destroy the place!÷ Great Gorilla commanded in his deep, booming voice.

Banana Peel panicked. It was up to him to save his prized home. He bravely jumped from his perch into Great GorillaĂs trail.

˘Wait!÷ The young monkey cried in his squeaky voice. ˘UmmÓ÷ he stammered, ˘DonĂt ruin our kingdom!÷

Great Gorilla and his followers laughed. ˘Why should we?÷ Great Gorilla questioned.

˘This is our home!÷ Banana Peel declared. Banana PeelĂs hands sweated as he picked up a dropped weapon. ˘And I am willing to fight you for it.÷ He swung the weapon and hit a gorilla. The victim fell to the ground in a heap. Many gorillas ran away, obviously frightened.

Banana Peel again swung the weapon, bringing many gorillas to the ground, until only Great Gorilla was left.

The monkey army watched from their hiding places, wondering what the young monkey would do next.

All of a sudden, Great Gorilla let out a cry for help, like a chimp. It was obvious he was very terrified. When no one came to his rescue, he ran away as fast as his legs could take him. Banana Peel had defeated Great Gorilla and his army! ˘Hip, Hip, Hooray!÷ The monkey army loudly cheered.

Now Banana PeelĂs fellow monkeys have learned a valuable lesson; donĂt judge monkeys by how they look. Now the whole monkey kingdom proudly walks with banana peels on their backs. And thatĂs how the monkey got its tail.