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A Son's Promise

By: Francina M.
New Jersey, Age 15

Long long ago, an old farmer’s wife past away and his only family member was his son, John, who was only 16. After Luca’s wife past away John was the only one who helped Lucas ‘the old farmer. Lucas always told him: “I am very old and this farm will be yours but you have to learn how to take care of it”.
Sometimes, John didn’t want to help Lucas, not because John was lazy, but it was because he thought that Lucas wasn’t his real father. John felt like this because before his mother passed away they had a fight. John didn’t want to do his work and John told her: “I don’t know why you married someone so old, I don’t even look like him, he is not my father. His mother just told him: “Go do your work young boy” and didn’t give him any explanation.
Since that happened John was mad with his mother but before she passed away he promised her: “Yes, mom I will help Lucas, don’t worry”. However, John was always mad with Lucas and he never liked talking to him a lot.
One night John was sitting outside his house when he heard his mother’s voice saying: “Remember what you promised me, don’t make me comeback over there.” John was so scared that his face turn pale and he just run into the house. Since that night John changed and started helping Lucas in a better way.
Since that night John became a very nice person with Lucas because he realized that Lucas always had taken care of him since he was a child and now was the time to return the favor. There are rumors that every time a kid gets mad with their parents John’s mother goes into their house and makes the kids promise: “I will be a better son or daughter and I will help my parents”.