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A Life of a Princess

By: Joy D.
California, Age 9

Once upon a time in a forest there was a princess named Ella that had long beautiful brown hair. She was stuck in a witch's house. She was under an ugly spell. The only way Ella could stay beautiful was if a man rescued her.

Princess Ella was so sad. Today was the final day that a prince could rescue her, or she would be ugly for the rest of her life. It was morning and Ella didn't feel like eating leftover beef stew, so she stayed in her room waiting for someone to rescue her.

A fairy named Carina was flying by the witch's house when all of a sudden she heard Ella crying. Carina wanted to see who was crying so she tried to go through the witch's house, but the witch saw the little fairy and put her in a small cage. Carina was so frightened and scared that she began to tremble. She thought about a way to get out. Then she noticed that she was thinner and smaller than the bars on the cage. She went out and was free.

Carina went into Ella's room and saw Ella crying and found out what happened so she went to go look for a man. When she was flying she saw a prince named Chris. Carina told him about Ella and he agreed to marry her.

When they got there, Mitch, the witch, saw Chris and put a spell on him. The spell was that Mitch would be able to control him. He couldn't go to Ella unless Mitch said so. Carina wanted Chris and Ella to be happy together so Carina put a spell on Mitch. She tricked Mitch into letting them get married.

Carina made Mitch a servant in her castle. Ella and Chris were married and lived happily ever after.