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Animal Friends

By: Gabie and Ally.J L.
Iowa, Age 8

One day a family of koalas went to the lake.They had lunch there. they also went for a swim.after they went for a swim in the lake,a panda bear and its mother asked the mama koala if her kid wanted to play she said yes.After they went to the lake they asked mama panda if Bamboo a panda bear kid wanted to go to the Denver ZOO.she said,''OK!'' and so the panda told the girl koala her his name was Bamboo and the girl koalas was name was Snowflake but for short Snowy. Then they were at the zoo. They saw tigers, dolphins, snakes and all that cool stuff. When they were all done they called mommy panda. They met each other at a restaurant, then they ate supper. When they were done they went to walk on the beach with each other. It was fun, so they walked on the beach and talked on the beach all night. Than mama panda called out to them and said, ''Bamboo, time to go back home!'' Bamboo and Snowy never thought they would see each other again. Until one day they saw each other at the park and Snowy ran to him and kissed him. when they got older they got married. It shows that friendships can last a life time. THE END