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Anna, Kamryn, Maddie, and Lauren.

By: Anna C.
Ohio, Age 8

A long time ago in the 20s there were 4 girls named Anna Amazing, Kamryn Krazy , Maddie Magneficent, and Lauren lovable. They were all in Annas room. It was a sunny day. They were playing musical chairs. Lauren didn't get a chair. ''Oh darn i'd rather see a creepy doll''said Lauren. Just then a creepy doll apeared. All the girls screamed. They ran to Kamryns room. ''Weh that was close''said Maddie. ''Yeah''said Anna and Kamryn. So they played Would you rather. ''would you rather see a lion roar or...'' Kamryn got interupted.A lion came out of no where and roared. All the girls screamed and ran to Maddies room. ''Guys don't say any more crazy stuff''said Anna. They played tag. Kamryn got tagged. ''This is like a baby saying ma ma a thousand times''said Kamryn. Anna groaned. A baby started saying mama. Then it stopped and everyones dad came in. ''All the dads played a prank on you start being brave''said Annas dad. The girls learned to be brave.