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James First Day Of School

By: Joey M.
Connecticut, Age 9

James is a small, sad boy. He is sad because it is his first day of school.
James is only 10 years old. He is starting 4th grade. He is afraid he will be
The smallest boy in his class or, the kids will laugh at him. He feels like
He is going to throw-up. His mom said ˘James time for school.÷ James runs
Under his covers and hides but, his mom drags him out of bed and drives
Him to Walsh School.
First, James meets a boy named Shane and a girl named Kasha.
Shane is a small black boy and Kasha is an American girl.
In the beginning James thought his teacher would be mean and
Yell at him. His teacher Mrs. Rodriguez was nice and liked James.
He felt so happy that he was almost smiling. When the day was over he
Liked school so much the teacher had to drag him out of the class.
When he got home he told his mom he could not wait for tomorrow.
He could not wait for school tomorrow.