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How The Moon Came To Be

By: Ericca D.
Indiana, Age 9

Long ago in a land far away, when there hung no moon, all day long it seemed dark in Alaska. There lived two men and a wolf, who longed for a bright, shining moon. They had wanted to make the moon come to life. Their names were Doman, Sam and Wolf. Doman seemed huge and bulky. Sam was tiny compared to Doman. Wolf was kind and white, with black on its nose and tail.

Every day Wolf tried to be nice and helpful. He thought and thought for days. But neither he, nor Doman nor Sam could think of any way to bring life to the moon.

One day, the magnificent, glittering, northern lights came down when everyone was sleeping. The northern lights put a spell on Wolf. The spell made Wolf think of a way to make the moon shine. The northern lights had hung so long that his lights had started to fade and he was tired.

So, the next day Doman and Sam asked Wolf if he had any ideas. ˘Yes,÷ Wolf replied. So, he told them about an idea. They made the moon out of dirt, painted it white and threw it in the sky.

And that is how the moon came to be.