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A New Friend

By: Katie S.
Indiana, Age 9

Once upon a time there was a duck and he was out for a swim and he saw three other ducks out for a swim. And he said “ Wonderful whether we're having. And went on with his day. Then he spotted a snake. He quickly swam away and ignored the snake a few minutes later the snake spotted him and ran after the duck.

The duck realized he was being chased after a few seconds. And he turned to the snake and said “ Why are you such a bully? “ That really Made the snake pop so he said “ I AM NOT A BULLY YOU ARE!!!!” So the snake reminded the duck about how the duck ran into a bully before and that bully is now his best friend so that got the duck thinking.

The duck thought to himself “ I wonder if I could get this snake would be my friend just like my friend Jerry, Jerry used to be a full time Bully but now he’s a full time friend of mine. Anyway now I really have to make friends with this snake or I’ll be his breakfast”. So then the Duck found his confidence and turned to the snake and said “ Hi my name is Duke and I would love to be your friend”.

The snake started to cry he said “ I never had a friend before.”He sniffled “no one ever asked me that question.” He sniffled again. And the snake felt something, Something he hadn’t felt in a long time. The snake felt joy and happiness and cheer he felt like he just found a new friend.

The End