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A Boys Head

By: Julio C.
California, Age 9

Once upon a time a boy named Isaac dreamed that he was in South Park. In school Isaac was trying to learn but other kids started fooling around. Isaac stared burping loud and the other kids started to laugh. Isaac started to feel funny. He asked if he could go to the bathroom. When he looked in the mirror, his head looked like a fish. Isaac screamed and felt the scales on his face. Another kid from his class walked into the bathroom and saw Isaac.
He went running back to class and told the teacher about Isaac. The teacher ran towards the bathroom and the kids followed her. Isaac hid from the the teacher and the kids. When he came out from behind the wall his head was normal again. The teacher and the kids thought the boy was lying. No one believed him.
When Isaac was all by himself his head turned into a fish again. That night when he went to sleep, a witch came to his bedroom. She told him that she put a spell on him so that he would be like the other kids. Isaac told her he didn't want to be a regular kid. The spell from the witch was never on him again.
The end!