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A Tidal Love

By: Evelyne C.
California, Age 15

Once upon a time, a long time ago, the moon and the sea we lovers. The were so in love that their loved pulled them close to together. The sea and the moon were so close that they were touching, but they didnít mind; they enjoyed eachotherís company. When the sun would rise the sea would be blue because the moon was gone. The sun had a big crush on the sea and he was all that she wanted. One day the sun caught the moon and the sea together. The sun had loved the sea and this broke her heart. Engulfed in flames she decided she would put an end to this relationship. The sun ran right into moon pushing her and the moon far into the sky. The sun was happy with this result because if she couldnít have the sea, then nobody else should. The sea turned forever blue because his love was so far from him. Everyday the sea tries to reach his love by high waves of water. The moon shines brightly every night to let him know where she is.