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A Fly Named Emily

By: Ella L.
South Carolina, Age 10

A long, long ago, there once was a fly named Emily. Emily was pretty mean to certain flies and spiders,
But Emily was very brave. One day Emily needed help, so she went to some spiders, both were willing to help. She went with Luna, instead of Rachel, because Luna was pretty. SHe went to Lunaís , but she ended up being a black widow! She tried to eat Emily, But Rachel came back to help! She pushed over Luna and saved Emily, Luna fell into her lava pit and she died. Rachel gave Emily some food, because she just couldnít stand sad flies, and Emily learned a lesson, ít judge people by how they look. But just after Emily ate, Luna rose from the lava and put poison in Rachel! SHE HAD 24 HOURS TO LIVE! Rachel wanted to live , so she asked how she could. After she asked she figured out she and Emily had to complete 3 tasks, get the gem of magic, get the golden sword, and defeat the sea monster.

So of they went, to find the magic gem. They spotted a glowing cave, so they went inside, but instead of finding a gem, they found a sword! But, it was stuck in gold.
But just then, they heard a growl, and the sea monster came out of the water and took itís tail, a knocked Emily and Rachel into the gold! The gold split in two! They got the sword!

They used it to cut the sea monsters tail off! Because They knew that it would slow the sea monster down. He went back into the water , so they couldnít get him. But Rachel had an idea, she spun a web down into the water, and Emily was brave enough to go down the web,(with the sword) and defeated the sea monster!

Once they defeated the sea monster, the gem was inside him! They grabbed it and Rachel, and Emily brung the gem to Luna and she got the poison out of Rachel. That day, Emily learned to not judge people by how they look. And from that day on, Emily was not mean anymore

The End