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How did the ocean turn salty?

By: Lemuel M.
Malaysia, Age 9

Once, a greedy king demanded 100 shipments of salt. So, one gigantic ship went to a place called Merrysull to gather the 100 shipments of salt that the greedy king demanded, the ship had to travel 19 days back to the castle as the king wanted the salt.

One person onboard said “Why does this greedy king need 100 shipments of salt for? There are so expensive!”. “Maybe to satisfy himself with more salty food?” exclaimed Mike.

After 19 days, The captain shouted “Finally! We have reached our destination!” Everybody onboard sang the song “We have reached the shore! We have reached the shore! As we bring the 100 shipments of salt, AS THE KING HAS DEMANDED!”

The king saw the gigantic ship and the crew threw the hook to land the ship so perfectly even the king was impressed! After the ship crew came down with the shipments, the king told his servants count the shipments. Oh no! There was only 99 shipments of salt! The crew became bold and they knelt down to their knees begging for forgiveness “Oh, our mighty king we counted the shipments so precisely we even checked it 4 times in a row, please forgive us mighty king.” begged the ship crew.
The king was so angry and shouted “Guards! Take them!” The crew kept begging the king for forgiveness and the king shouted once more “Enough! No more excuses! I gave you a job and you didn’t do it!” As the guards dragged them away. Suddenly, a magical witch appeared in front of the king’s face and stopped the guards and said “You shouldn’t be greedy or I will turn this beautiful clean ocean water to salt water.”

The king said “How dare you threaten me!” and the witch told the king “You should not be greedy and I shall not turned water to salty water.” But the king neglected the witch.

Suddenly, the water became salty and the witch disappeared to thin air. The guards were suddenly paralyzed and they let the ship crew go while the king was trapped in a cage. The ship crew ran away and ships appeared for the crew to travel to different directions. Everywhere they go they got free clean water from the witch. So, the crew lived happily ever after.
The End.