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A Dog for Jamie

By: Abee W.
Michigan, Age 5

Jamie had always wanted a dog, but his mom said no for years. Finally, when Jamie was older and more responsible, his mom said yes!

Jamie and his mom went to their local animal shelter and went up and down the rows of dogs, searching for the one that would be perfect for Jamie. He and his mom soon found a pitbull.

''Now Jamie,'' his mom warned, ''never touch a pitbull.''

''Why, Mom?'' he asked.

''I've seen in the news that they are vicious, mean animals. They'll hurt you!''

So Jamie looked and looked until he found a little terrier. The dog was mostly white, with cute little brown spots on her back and ears. Jamie chose that dog and named her Polly.

Jamie took Polly home, only to discover how mean she was! When he tried to walk her, she bit him. When he tried to feed her, she growled and barked at him. When he tried to play with Polly, she was too rough and she bared her sharp teeth at Jamie. Polly didn't like Jamie at all.

A few days later, after giving Polly a chance, he returned her to the shelter. ''I don't think she likes kids,'' he explained to the woman behind the help desk.

Jamie and his mom went back to look at the other dogs. Maybe this time he'd find one. Eventually, he wandered back to the pitbull his mother warned him about. ''She's still here!'' he exclaimed. ''Please, Mom? Can I have her?''

Jamie's mother sighed and finally gave in. ''Okay, but you be careful.''

So they took the dog home and named her Cara. Jamie fed and walked and played with Cara, and every time he did, Cara wagged her tail and licked Jamie's face. Cara was so friendly and sweet, Jamie even felt safe enough to fall asleep cuddling with the pitbull.

When his mom saw the dog behaving well, she apologized to Jamie. ''I guess she's a good dog after all.''