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Bad dragon

By: Kevin L.
Taiwan, Age 14

Long long long ago, England there was a palace, where a kingĦBa princeĦBa princessĦBand a good dragon.
One day, the King became sick, the prince very want to be a king, but king is still alive, so he go to magic house to buy a dragon.
In a dark forest has a witch called Tober. she is pretty and smart. she can head the King. so she go to help the king. after one week. King save. The prince know this news, he is very angry, he want to kill the king, so he use bad dragon to kill good dragon, nobody know prince want to kill the King.
At night, bad dragon kill the king, and the witch use fire dragon to kill the bad dragon. Prince be a king, he and princess married, but prince afraid princess know .bad dragon is prince buy, so he kill princess.
At night witch find the princess died, she think the bad dragon is prince buy. Witch track the prince, she find prince has been to magic house, she think bad dragon is prince buy, so she kill the prince and choose a good guy to be a king.