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A Strong Girl

By: Nini Y.
Taiwan, Age 13

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had strong power, and her name is Elena. She was a good girl. She would use her power to help people. But one day she turned into a bad girl, she used her power to make people obey and gave her food to eat.

One day, she walked on the street, and hurt people like usual. Suddenly, a person bumped into her. She felt very mad, and wanted to punish him, so she hit him badly. But she hit him too badly, when she shouted out, “wake up, coward” and kicked him, he didn’t move. More and more people came, shouted at Elena and told her to leave the town because she brought too many bad things.

Be forced, she knew that she needed to leave the town right now, and knew that she made a big mistake, that is killed a person. She left and lived in the forest for a long time.

After many years, she met a boy that was camping and were prepared to go back home, suddenly a tiger came out and wanted to eat the boy. Elena saw that, she helped the boy to kill the tiger. Unfortunally, she got hurt. The boy wanted to help her and thanked her, so he invited Elena to his home to have a dinner.

When she was eating, she realized that she could do something good and helped people, so she decided to live in the town again. The new town was very happy to have a new girl, everybody likes her, and she is always kind to everyone forever.