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How there was a Forest

By: Jonathan P.
Nevada, Age 9

One day the turtle family was so hot that Turtle's mom and dad were dying. Turtle did not know what to do. Suddenly Grandma turtle told Turtle that down below the Earth would be a power wish and if Turtle touched the power wish, he would get a wish. Turtle would have to go to the middle of the Earth first. So Turtle went on the journey. On the way, he met a Donkey, and the Donkey said Turtle that his parents were dying so Donkey was going with Turtle. Then they met Rabbit and Rabbit said his parents were dying too. So Rabbit, Turtle, and Donkey went to find the power wish. One the trip, they went to Olive Town and met Deer, Chipmunk, Owl and Bear and they said that their parents were dying but the animals were too weak to go. Turtle, Donkey andRabbit left. When they arrived they saw the power wish. Turtle touched it and wished that there would be a forest and there was. All the parents were better now. That's how the forest came to be. The END