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How the Snake Got Long

By: Andre D.
Nevada, Age 9

Once upon a time there was a very short snake named Rufus. One day Rufus went to a river to go swimming. Then he met an anaconda named Gary. So Rufus and Gary played dodge rock. Then they jumped out of the river and bumped into a monkey named Matt. Then they crashed into a female lion named Lizzie. Suddenly a diamond dropped out of the sky so they played with the diamond. Then the diamond hit Lizzie in the head. Lizzie said, Ouch! and ate the diamond. Oh no said Rufus! All of a sudden a rock hit Matt! Matt said who did that and Lizzie said I did it! Then Rufus said it was actually me. Oh said Matt. If I were you I'd start running. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help me Lizzie. Roarrrrrrr said Lizzie. Throw a rock at Matt! O.K.! Lizzie yelled Rufus you hissed! Yes I did but you escaped. Yeah I know but the rock is on my tail. Just keep running! O.K. and Rufus' tail got long, long, and longer and that's how the snake go long!