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How the Butterfly Got Powers

By: Jinna M.
Nevada, Age 9

There once was a butterfly that got made fun of by three butterflies in butterfly school. Their names were Gus, Nick, and Nectar. They made fun of her at recess and even when she was walking home.

The next day, the butterfly was walking home and she saw a cup of glitter, but she did not pick it up. The next day it was still there so picked it up and for days she was trying to figure out what to do with it. She asked her friends, they didn't know either so at home she opened up the glitter. The glitter went crazy.

Then it went in to her and gave her special powers. At school she made the butterflies Nick, Gus and Nectar were there in cocoons. She made the teacher into a toilet. Then she made her father butterfly and mother butterfly into flowers.

She turned her grandmother into butterfly food then she thought what she was doing wasn't right so she turned everybody back to normal. Then her powers went away and she became a sweet butterfly.