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How The Sun Came To Be

By: Emma S.
Indiana, Age 9

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Shanaha Heezokee. She lived in the mountains and had a dog named Lightning. There only existed the moon, stars, and candles as light because there wasnĂt any sun back then.

One summer morning at ShanahaĂs house, this all changed.
˘Once I stop working,÷ said Shanaha, ˘I will draw the most beautiful picture in the whole world. ˘I hope I will get to stop working soon.÷
˘Hunny!÷ yelled her mom from the other side of the house. ˘ItĂs time to stop, so why donĂt you play with Lightning or something!ĂĂ
˘Yes!÷÷O.K. Mom!÷ replied Shanaha.
Finally she had the chance to draw her picture. So, she went in to the kitchen, got some pastels, something to draw on, and then lit a candle. Shanaha began drawing a picture of the moon but with a much brighter shine and colors of gold, yellow, red and orange, unlike the moon which was white and blue.

As she was working, she whispered to herself, ˘This could be an imaginary thing called a sun, but spelled s-u-n, not s-o-n. It could have fire in it, and be really, big, gigantic, huge, and the sun could belong in the sky!÷

Shanaha made her drawing into a ball, walked slowly outside and threw it up in the sky. It blew up large enough to become a brilliant sun. When her brother and parents saw it, they became happy.

The moon and the sun shared the sky equally. ThatĂs how the sun came to be.