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A princess named Emily

By: Caroline W.
Virginia, Age 9

A long time ago lived a princess named Emilly lived. She lived in a castle that was ten stories high. In her room she had beautiful flowers, a golden bed with a white canopy. She had hundreds of beautiful white dresses withsparkling White high heel shoes.
Emily always had her hair up in a very pritty pony tail. Emily room always smelled good she had glasses and her earings were always in. She always was wearing jewling.
She had a porch added on to her room. She had the pritty highest room in the castle she had a t.v.,lap top,couch, dressery.She has Blue eyes Emily had a boyfriend named Zack. His room was on the 9th level.
Zack hads a big room to. Zack had a silver bed. Zack had a porch added to his room at night he went to see the stars. Zack a t.v,couch. Zack has Brown eyes.