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Be Happy With What You Are

By: Zoe P.
Canada, Age 8

Be Happy With What You Are
By: Zoe P.C. Age: 8

Once upon a time, in a village, in 1877, there lived a man named Vince. He wanted to be a bird. One day, he decided to go up to the mountains to ask the mountain gods to turn him into a bird. So, Vince climbed up the mountain and reached the top. He said, ˘ Please turn me into a bird,÷ and snap! Suddenly, he was a bird. Well, soon he figured out that he could not fly, and Vince didnĂt like any human food except for breadcrumbs. So he went to the mountains again, and said, ˘Please turn me back into a human÷ Pop! Once more, he was a human, and Vince never wished to be something he wasnĂt ever again.
The moral is; be happy with what you are.