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Baxter's Mistake

By: Rebecca H.
Canada, Age 8

BaxterĂs Mistake
By: Rebecca
Age: 8

One cold winter day, Baxter the dog was sleeping. His girlfriend came and woke him up. ˘Oh hello÷ Baxter said. ˘Oh IĂm so sorryĂĂ said Maple, ŠI will leave÷ and she did. Maple started to sing. Baxter hated her singing but didnĂt want to hurt her feelings. So Baxter said, ˘ Can you please stop singing?ĂĂ ˘Why donĂt you want me to sing? Tell the truthĂĂ Maple said. ˘UmÓI want to rest÷, said Baxter. ˘Ok÷, said Maple. Two days later Baxter came to MapleĂs house and said, ˘I wasnĂt telling the truth. I actually donĂt like your singing÷ said Baxter. Maple said, ˘I understand÷. They lived happily ever after.