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A Turtle's Life

By: James B.
Canada, Age 8

A TurtleĂs Life
By: James Burkell
Age: 8

Once upon a time there lived a Turtle and a Whale. They lived in the sea. The Turtle cried ˘I HAVE NEVR BEEN SO MAD IN MY LIFE!÷ The Whale said, ˘What is wrong?÷ ˘Well÷ said Turtle, ˘I do not have a shell÷. Whale said, ˘YouĂre too young÷. ˘Oh÷ said Turtle. ˘I am too young÷. ˘Now I get it÷. A few years later the Whale and Turtle were talking about TurtleĂs past . He said to Turtle, ˘You were foolish÷. The End