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A Witch Named Nicky

By: Julianne L.
Canada, Age 7

Once upon a time, there was a witch named Nicky. She was like any other witch except she was nice. All the other witches were mean. There was something else about Nicky that was different. She loved animals. There were lots of different witches in Halloween town, but not one of them liked animals. Nicky lived with her ugly, fat, mean auntĂs named Lisa and Jody. She also lived with her stepsister, named Alexis. All of a sudden Lisa yelled Nicky ˘COME UP HERE!!÷ Then Jody yelled ˘COME UP HERE!!÷ So Nicky came running up with her broom. ˘Nicky,÷ her auntĂs yelled, ˘We need you to give us your broom. So we can give it to Alexis for a present.÷ Then they gave her some money go buy a new broom. Now Nicky was getting annoyed, not just a little annoyed but a lot. So she packed up her bags, put the money on the table and left. Up, up and away she flew. Soon Nicky saw an island. She landed there and met a tiger and a parrot and Nicky lived happily ever after. As for her ugly stepsister, she had a pretty hard time finding a new maid. THE END!!