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Age 6

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Title Written By State/Country
Why Dogs Run Away From Friends Emily T. Arizona
Cake Sid L. Arkansas
How a Dog got It's Tail Brianna I. California
How a dog Got it's Fur Gabriel S. California
The Boy how swam with Dolphins Chris H. California
The Cheetah and the Gorilla Brody P. Canada
The Butterfly and the Cheetah Belle C. Canada
The Dof and the Elephant Rowan M. Canada
The Dog and the Cat Kolya J. Canada
The Bunny and the Cheetah Sophie R. Canada
The Fish and The Squid Andrew F. Canada
The Penguin and The Polar Bear Wenbo L. Canada
The Giraffe and The Lemur Brooklyn V. Canada
The Duck and the Giraffe Chandan S. Canada
The Cat and the Cheetah Emily S. Canada
The Kitty and the Puppy Kiera Y. Canada
The Giraffe and The Monkey Sehreen A. Canada
The Cat and the Dog Mackenzie B. Canada
The Monkey and the Leopard Nathan K. Canada
The day i shrunk Olivia S. Florida
THE Leprechaun and His Pot of gold NM M. Florida
An elephant's origin Elephant guy B. Hawaii
Buzzy, Flyer, and Birdy are Friends Jessica . Illinois
5 princess 7 T. Massachusetts
The Little Fish Andrew B. Michigan