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Title Written By State/Country
Smokey Bear Saves The Forest Valentina D. Florida
How the Giraffe Got its Long Neck Rita A. Florida
How the Earth got its Name and Came to Be Alaura M. Florida
The Lion and the Bear Max S. Florida
Summer is over and Winter Is Here Jaedyn H. Florida
The Butterfly and the Frog Amya A. Florida
The Dragon and The Knight Cordajah B. Florida
The Clever Chicken Aaron L. Florida
Bat's Tasks James H. Florida
The trouble with trees Ross B. Florida
The Two Rhinos and the Red Fox David L. Florida
Thegirl Who Cried Rumplestiltskin Andthe Wolf Anjiniah M. Florida
The Lion and the Duck Noah R. Florida
The Story of the Unidragon Andrew S. Florida
The Squirrel and the Cat Solomon & Jose D. Florida
The Big Test Jake M. Florida
The camel and the alligator Dynna L. Florida
The Girl Who Loved Grapes! Ashlyn M. Florida
The Dog And The Wolf Derica D. Georgia
The Kitten Who Wait Till the Last Minute Sarah P. Georgia
Little Kitty Taylor B. Georgia
The Kitten Who Waited Till The Last Minute Sarah P. Georgia
The Rich Horse Ben C. Georgia
Why Cows Give Milk Pace P. Georgia
Why Raccoons Have Masks Madeleine Q. Georgia