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Title Written By State/Country
How The Cheetah Got Its Spots Dillon W. Mississippi
How the clouds got in the sky William W. South Carolina
How the deer got his antlers Casey T. New York
How the dog gets wet Keturah G. Massachusetts
How the Earth got its Name and Came to Be Alaura M. Florida
How the Flower got Its Petals Courtney B. South Carolina
How the giraffe got its long neck Christopher O. New York
How the Giraffe Got its Long Neck Rita A. Florida
How the Grass got Green Alexa W. Switzerland
How The Jaguar Got His Spots Emily B. Switzerland
How the Kangaroo Got it's Pouch Nicole C. New York
How the lion got his roar Jordan & Hunter J. North Carolina
How the Lizard got it's Name Jesse and Dylan X. Minnesota
How the Monkey Got a Long Tail Mike C. Nevada
How The Moon Came To Be Ericca D. Indiana
How the Ocean Got Salty Keith R. Illinois
How the Parrot Got its Colours Emilie S. Switzerland
How the Peacock Got Its Colors Niyati S. South Carolina
How the Penguin Became Black and White Anna D. South Carolina
How The Polar Bear Got It's Fur Justin R. New York
How the puffer fish got its puff Enasha B. Illinois
How the Rabbit got it's Ears Nicholas G. New York
How the Rhino got his horn Ryan H. New York
How the Snake Got Long Andre D. Nevada
How the Snake lost his legs Gwyneth M. Switzerland