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''A Fractured Tale Sleeping Beauty''

By: Mariah I.
Virginia, Age 13

Once upon a time there was a king and his wife who always wished not to have a child. One day that wish didnĂt true and they had a little baby girl named Fiona.
They finally decided to just suck it up and throw a party for everyone in the town and even if they didnĂt want to have a child. The three godmothers were invited to come to FionaĂs party as well. But one fairy was not allowed to come.
She was the evilest fairy out of all the fairies around. She was very upset at that and she said in an evil voice, ˘They will be sorry they did not send me an invitation to the party, I will bestow a horrible gift upon Fiona÷.
On the day of the party everyone came except the evil fairy. The guards were put into place to make sure all unwanted guests and the ones who werenĂt invited did not come into the palace.
The townĂs people rode up in rented coaches that the queen and king paid for as long as they bought gifts to cherish the child that they have given birth to.
The first people to come were the three fairy godmothers. The three fairy godmothers had a special gift for the Fiona. Each with its own personality.
Well, the first fairyĂs gift was the gift of beauty. The second fairies gift was the gift of kindness to all and even to evil creatures. The third fairy began to speak but there was a rumble and a horrible sound, which scared everybody in the palace.
The doors flew open and a cloud of neon smoke appeared. There stood the evil fairy and donkey, who were not invited and the people gasped in fright that she showed her face at the party.
She said to the queen and king ˘You didnĂt invite me to your party. Well I have a gift for her.÷
The queen said ˘Ohh no please donĂt give her a gift we will do anything.÷
But it was to late she gave her the gift of when she turns eighteen she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and DIE. But she didnĂt say the truth. No, the real gift was on her thirteenth birthday she will find a secret passageway open a door prick her finger and DIE.
Now the third fairy godmother said, ˘I still have my gift.÷
Her gift was that when she pricks her finger she would not die but fall asleep and a prince will come and he will break the spell by giving her a gentle kiss and they will happily ever after with him.
So in order for the wish never to come true the queen and king ordered for all the guards to burn all of the spinning wheels in the town and order all of the stores not to sell them or they will get hung.
Except one, which they did not know about. It was hidden in a secret passage behind a fireplace.
Thirteen years passed. At the highest tower of the palace were they lived was a set of stairs. She walked upon those stairs and found a room with a spinning wheel which was not burned. She wondered what it was. She pricked her finger and fell asleep in her bed.
The queen and king came to her room and saw blood on her hand and started to cry. Then the fairy godmothers came by and put a sleeping spell on the entire town and palace. So the fairies found a prince whoĂs name was Shrek who was ready to marry and have a wife who was beautiful.
So the fairies got the prince and took him to the princess and he gave her a gentle kiss and she awoke. He proposed and got married and lived happily ever after and had a kid.