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''A Fractured Tale Big Red Riding Should''

By: Jasmine K.
Virginia, Age 12

Once upon a time their lived a woman named Big Red. Big Red was fat, but also poor.
So one day Big Red was walking through the forest and she spotted out a cottage. Big Red walked up to the cottage and knocked on the door, but no one answered.
Big Red thought should she go in or should she wait until someone got there. All of a sudden there was a smell she could not resist.
So she walked over to the window and took a look. What she saw was something sheĂd been wanting for a couple of dayĂsÓ food.
So she walked into the house and there were three bowls sitting on a wooden table.
In the bowls were Big Reds favorite morning foodÓgrits. She said out loud to herself,˘ Should I or should I not?÷
Big Red took off in the biggest bowl and then spit it out and said,÷ Too hot.÷ Then she went to the smallest bowl and tasted it and then said,÷ To cold.÷
So she tried the last one and said,÷ Just right.÷ After all of that eating Big Red was felling dizzy. She spotted out three rocking chairs and said ˘Should I or should I not?÷
She got even more dizzy just standing there so she took a seat in the biggest rocking chair and then said,÷ To big my feet donĂt even touch the ground.÷
So she got up and went to the smallest rocking chair and tried to sit in it, but her hips was too big and she accidentally broke the chair.
Big Red got up off the floor and said,÷ ThatĂs how I got the name big from being so fat.÷
So she moved on to the last chair and said,÷ Just right. ˘Just sitting in that last chair Big Red fell asleep. When she woke up there were three mad bears staring at her and she ran fled with terror. And the three bears never saw Big Red again.