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''A Fractured Tale: Little Red in the Hood''

By: Lindsey A.
Virginia, Age 13

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Heather, but known as Little Red because her favorite color is red. She lived with her mother in a little town right out side of New York City.
One day when little red got up out of bed she put her dark blue jeans and her red shirt, and shoes. She came down the stairs and her mother said, ˘Heather your grandmother is sick and I would like you to go see her.÷
Little Red was like, ˘Now?÷
˘Yes now before it gets to late. Heather you remember it is right next to the blackberry factory right?÷
˘Right,÷ Heather went upstairs and grabbed her jacket and headed out the door. Her mother gave her a paper bag with bread, butter and some milk for her grandmother, and she gave her $10 for food for herself.
Well Little Red was on her way to a city she is never going to forget.

Heather was excited because she has never gone to her GrandmotherĂs by herself before;
˘I am 14 she said to herself I am old enough to do things on my own.÷
Well she was walking down her dirt road when a Neighbor said, ˘Red where are you going?÷
Red said, ˘I am going to see my grandmothers because she is not feeling well.÷
˘All by yourself ?÷
˘Yes, I am 14 now and I am old enough to go to my grandmotherĂs by myself.÷
Red just kept going on her way.
Well she was in New York City now and she said to herself, ˘Whoa this is a big city.÷ So she was walking down the busy street looking at all the shops and buildings.
Then this old man came up to her and asked,˘ Little lady, where are you going?÷
˘I am going to see my grandmother because she isnĂt feeling well.÷
˘All by yourself?÷
˘Yes, all by myself I am old enough to go to my grandmotherĂs all by myself.÷ And Little Red just kept going.
Then she saw an ice cream shop and decided to grab some ice cream with the money her mother had given her.
When she came out this homeless man who was very ragged and was kind of chucky, he was also very dirty.
˘Where are you going?÷ said the homeless guy
˘I am gong to see my grandmother because she isnĂt feeling well?÷
˘All by yourself?÷
˘Yes, all by myself I am 14 now and I am old enough to go to my grandmotherĂs all by myself.÷
˘Well thatĂs true, but where does your grandmother live?÷

˘She lives next to the blackberry factory.÷ Little Red just ignored him and just kept going.
Well Little Red was just about there when she saw a flower shop and stopped to pick up some flowers to make her Grandmother feel even better.

She came out with the most beautiful flowers, she came out with white,
red, and pink roses.
Well what she didnĂt know what that the Homeless guy beat her to her grandmotherĂs house.
He knocked on the door and said, ˘Grandmother let me in its your Grand daughter.÷
˘Little Red ?÷ she asked.
˘Yes its me.÷
˘Go in though the side door because, I feel to weak to get out of bed.÷
˘ O.K,÷ and he came in and he grabbed the grandmother and locked her in the closet, and took her cloths and put them on, and lay in the bed.
Well then there was a knock at the door. ˘Grandmother let me in. ItĂs Little Red!÷
˘Come in though the side door,÷ he said.
˘Well red,÷ he said, ÷ you came all the way her by yourself?÷
˘ How do you know that I came all by myself?÷
˘UmÓ. Your mother called and told me.÷
˘ Oh,÷ Little Red just went on and then she heard banging in the closet and then she looked at her grandmother
˘Grandmother look how chunkey youĂve gotten. What have you been eating?÷
˘Oh well, I havenĂt been walking around very much so I am gaining weight.÷
The she heard the moving in the closet again, ˘Grandmother look how hairy youĂve gotten?÷
˘Oh this hair,÷ while he was pointing at his face. ˘This is because, I havenĂt shaved!!÷
˘Grandmother your not suppose to shave your face,÷ said Little Red with a confused look on her face.
˘UmÓ O yes you are I just havenĂt told you about itÓ
˘Oh, Grandmother your face is so dirty.
˘Oh, I havenĂt taken a bath lately thatĂs probably it.
Then she her moving in the closet again, ˘Grandmother÷ she said,
˘STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! I am not your grandmother! Your grandmother is in the closet!÷ And he just started yelling and just grabbed the paper bag and ran out the house.
Little Red just stood there and just started to laugh and said, ˘ThatĂs the funniest man I have seen.÷
So she went to the closet and helped her grandmother out of the closet, ˘Are you are ok?÷
˘Yes I am ok,÷ said Grandmother. ˘You came her all by yourself?÷
˘Well I think I am old enough to go out on my own.÷
˘YouĂre only 14, you are still going up, donĂt rush and try to grow up.÷
˘Yes grandmother,÷ and her grandmother took her home,

Heather then lived Happily Ever After!!!