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A Fractured Tale: Herman and Greg

By: Matthew P.
Virginia, Age 12

Once upon a time, there were two nasty pranksters named Herman and Greg. They loved to fool and trick people. One day their father told them to go into the city and buy some supplies, but to get to the city they had to cross the dark and scary woods that were filled with witches, goblins, and trolls.
When they finally got on the road they thought they might get lost, they always carried toilet paper with them just in case they wanted to throw it on a tree or something. So they set it on the ground and made a trail to follow.
At about a mile down the trail Herman said,÷ Hey I know a short cut.÷ So they took HermanĂs shortcut. Soon it started to rain and get dark and soon they realized they were lost.
They thought they could find some shelter. So they walked a little farther, and they saw a cottage made of candy and sugary treat. At first they wanted to throw some toilet paper of it but they knew they had to go inside.
They were tired from the walk so they went in and lay down. About an hour passed and when the owner of the house walked in the door. He was a big nasty troll. But really he was a very nice troll and he did not like being called mean and nasty.
The troll decided to leave them there. When they woke up they saw the troll. Herman fainted and Greg ran into a wall. They were unconscious. So the troll thought ÷Hey dinner.÷
When Herman and Greg woke up they were in a large pot. They were being cooked.÷ Help, help, help.÷
At that moment their father and three other people barged the door. Their father must have noticed they were gone too long and found the toilet paper. The people brought pithchforks and they killed the innocent troll and they lived happily ever after.