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''A Fractured Tale: Cinderfella''

By: C.Melissa V.
Virginia, Age 13

Once upon a time in a far away forest there was a young man named Cinderafellalieza, his family called him Cinderfella. He was not rich and worked in a farm a long way from where he lived in a magical forest in his familyĂs cottage. He loved where he lived with his father and mother and ferret. He was always quite happy and never asked for much.
One day while he was at work something terrible happened; there was a fire at the cottage while his parents and ferret were asleep. That day they all died leaving Cinderfella by himself with only one person left in his family that he knew of; his very mean and hateful uncle and his two sons.
The day they found out what happened, they came and picked up Cinderfella with them to their mansion on top of a high hill, a mile away from the palace where the king and queen lived with their beautiful daughter princess Annabelle.
At his uncleĂs mansion, his uncle made him do work and do anything that he told him to do. He was an evil uncle never giving him anything on Christmas and never telling him stories like he told his other sons. It went on like that for years until the year that Cinderfella turned 18.
That year Cinderfella got fed up and extremely sad and just broke down and cried in the cellar. He lay lonely on the floor crying so hard and loud that he had to close the door, then cried some more. He was a pitiful site.
He finally sat up and just sat there staring at the wall. He decided that he was going to try to think the best of the situation at his uncleĂs house by trying to make friends with his uncleĂs two sons, who were his age and seemed nice.
˘Tomorrow,÷ he said to himself, ˘I will talk to my cousins and maybe theyĂll be nice to me or maybe they can help me get out of this horrible place÷
He had a drop of hope.
The next day Cinderfella went out in the garden as the boys were sitting there with bored expressions on their faces. He walked up and said a very simple little phrase. He said;
˘HiÓ. ˘
And they said ˘Hello÷
˘So, um, my name is Cinderfella and I've worked here for a while, but IĂve never really talked to you guys and I guess that I'm related to you both because your father is my uncle and, umÓ.÷
And they replied, ˘Yes you are our and have worked here for a while. Do you need anything? We feel kind of bad because our father hasnĂt been treating you kindly for who knows what reason and so we were just wondering who you are. I mean we know your our cousin andÓ÷
For the rest if the afternoon they talked on and on and Cinderfella told him about his parents and friends that he used to have. It was a very nice conversation and they got along quite well.
So eventually he asked them ˘So do you think that I will ever be able to get out of this place, I need to get married and start a family one day.˘
˘I doubt ever unless you find a wife very quickly, maybe in private or something.÷
And then Cinderfella had a plan. A wonderful plan.
The next day Cinderfella spent the whole day working and planning, planning, planning. The plan has to work, he thought to himself, it just has to. His wonderful plan was; the royal family was having a ball to see who the princess may want to marry. That night at the ball there would be the all the different princeĂs from the other countries and young men from this area. He was going to try to get the help from his two cousins and see if somehow, someway get to the ball. That would be the easy part. The hard part would be for the princess to pick him. He would have to be and act perfect.
˘I better hurry,÷ he thought. The ball is the day after tomorrow!
The next day he talked to his cousins about his plan to get away and they agreed that they would help. They figured that they would fix Cinderfella up that day and then they would just sneak out when it is time for the ball. It was a perfect plan.
The day of the ball was hectic. They were trying to cut his hair and figure out what he would wear and find a way to get him there all at the same time. Finally it was time to leave and just as they were about to get in the carriage to go, CinderfellaĂs evil uncle came out and asked where they were going and they said that they were just going to go for a ride, but he did not let them off that easily! He didnĂt know that it was Cinderfella! They finally were off when all the sudden his uncle screamed at the driver to stop and called out CinderfellaĂs name. He got out of the carriage and walked to where his uncle was and walked inside the house. When he got inside he ran to the cellar and just sat on the floor. He was so disappointed.
While he was sitting there all the sudden he had the urge to talk to himself. And he did.
˘ I wish that my uncle will just disappear and it will just leave me and my cousins here and it will all be okay,÷ and then he said it for the second time.
˘I wish that my uncle will just disappear÷
Then he wished for the third time.
˘ I wish that my uncle will disappear, better yet I wish that my uncle will turn into a pumpkin pie and I wish everything will be just okay,÷ and then he heard a poof.
He chuckled to himself and went upstairs.
The next morning he woke up early to do everything that he had to do that day. He swept the stairs to the garden, and all the stairwells in the house too, cut the hedges, cleaned the stables, woke up his two cousins and then went to make breakfast. Then he brought the breakfast to his cousins and then went upstairs to bring his uncle some breakfast. When he got to the two French doors of his uncleĂs room he knocked and knocked, but he did not answer. He knocked many times but each time his uncle did not answer.
˘ Maybe he is still sleeping,÷ he said to himself.
He was knocking and knocking and the food had become cold, so he just opened the door and went over to open the luscious velvety drapes to find that his uncle was not in his bed. It was unmade as if someone was once sleeping there. He stepped closer then stepped back again.
˘It cant beÓoh my! It can be!÷
And lying in the bed was a pumpkin pie. A perfect little orange pumpkin pie with the same red bow tie that his uncle wore every day and his black gloves. Next to it was a piece of paper. He took it out and read it. It had a very simple note; ˘Be careful what you wish for÷
Cinderfella , or nobody at all for that matter, ever saw his evil uncle again . He stayed with his cousins and eventually got married to a beautiful girl named Annabelle, no, not that Annabelle, and he lived happily ever after.