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Virginia, Age 13

Once upon a time there were three ogres. They were going to New York to see where they would like to live. They tried the city but that was too noisy. They tried the Verrazano Bridge but they thought that the little ogres were going to get ran over. Then they tried an apartment. It was just right. They got all their furniture.

Their beds, their chairs, and their table. Once they got settled in their new place they made their selves some hot pockets. The hot pockets were to hot so they decided to take a walk in the city and take a look around. While they were out a man was taking a walk also. When he saw the apartment he thought that that was were he could settle for a while. When he walked in the house he could smell the good aroma of hot pockets in the air. The first thing that he did was smell the air. He followed the smell into the kitchen to where the aroma was coming from. When he saw the hot pockets sitting on the table he took a seat and sat down thinking that he could eat all three.
When he tasted the daddy ogreĂs treat it was to hot because the daddy ogre liked his to have hot sauce on it with chili peppers. He let out a yell ,˘ Yowwwwwwwwwwweeeeee÷. The yell was so loud that the whole block stepped outside to see if every thing was alright. When he took a nibble - scared that the mommy ogreĂs treat might be worse. He found out that the treat wasnĂt so bad it just didnĂt have any flavor to it. He tried the last treat to find out that it was just right. He ate that all up to find out that he was sleepy. He went to the living room to sit down. When he went to the living room to sit down there were three chairs to choose from. He sat in the first chair and it was to rough.
It was made out of sticks. Then he sat in the second chair. It was too soft. It was made out of pillows. Then he sat in the last chair. It was feeling good until he start hearing a ˘crack÷. The chair was breaking right under him. He sat there for an hour in the pieces. He knew that there was a room in the apartment so he went looking for them. Once he found out were they were he did his regular routine and tried them out. He tried the first one out and it was to rough. It was lying on top of bricks. Then he tried the second bed. It was too soft for him. It was lying on top of pillows and fluffy feathers. After that he went and tried the last bed. When he got in the last bed he laid in that bed and it felt just right. He lay there an hour until he had a horrible dream. While he was sleeping the family was returning home. They thought that they were coming home to a new home where the house would smell like the fresh aroma of hot pockets. It smelled like hot pockets but they didnĂt know what happened. When the went in the kitchen to sit down to eat there hot pockets they found out that it was nibbled and eaten.

˘Someone has eaten my hot pocket,÷ said the papa ogre. ˘Someone has nibbled at my hot pocket to,÷ said the mother ogre. ˘Someone has nibbled at my hot pocket to but they have nibbled it so much that there is no more.÷ Said the little ogre. The mother and father ogre shared their hot pocket with the little one since he didnĂt have one. After that everybody thought that it would be nice for everybody to go sit in his or her chairs to watch the TV. When they got in there they were surprised.

˘Someone has sat in my chair,÷ said the momma ogre. Someone has sat in my chair too said the daddy ogre. Then the poor little one said, ˘Dad it seems like someone sat in my chair to but it seems like they broke it.÷ The little boy decided to sit on the floor until little one was getting tired. The mother ogre was going to put him in the bed when the bed being occupied by someone stopped her
This startled the mother. ˘EDWARD÷ she cried. He didnĂt come. This made her even madder. So she called him again. ˘EDWARD LATHANIEL SMITELHANIER÷. He still didnĂt come she decided that she would get him later. She thought that she could do this own her own.
She took her hand and slapped him in his face. The man woke up and to his surprise there was an ogre standing there with her fist balled up. He woke up then and as soon as he did he ran down the steps and out the house to his car and left. The mother went downstairs to the living room to go get his husband. She found him on the couch looking at TV eating.
When she caught up to him she gave him a good smacking and he always responded to his name when it was called. Even by the little man. He responded to the little mans reply scared of what the mother might do to him. Besides that day they have never seen that man ever again and they lived ever after. Quiana C 12/2/04