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A Fractured Tale:The Beautiful Duckling

By: Tiffany C.
Virginia, Age 12

Once upon a time there was a mother goose and she laid her eggs. She had ten eggs. All of them hatched they looked the same except for one. He was different. He wasnĂt an ugly duck he was a handsome duckling .His mother paid more attention to him anybody else. The others hated him because of his beauty. When he was sleep they took him to a frog prince.
˘Can you help us?÷ the ducklings said
He told them ˘No I canĂt help.÷
He said, ˘Go to the nice witch of the east.÷
They went to this witch and said she
˘No I canĂt help.÷ They took him home till the next day. The next night they went to the nice witch of the east again because last night she said.
˘ She was very sleepy and they could come back till tomorrow÷
She also told them ˘to go to the little old lady who lived in a sock÷, before they left. They went tot the old lady who lived in the sock.
She said, ˘I canĂt help you.÷
When they got back to the pond their mother was waiting for them.
˘Where have you been?÷ she said in her meanest voice.
˘WeÓ we were just out.÷ Said the ducklings
Doing what?÷ said mother to the ducklings
˘Just getting something to make me a house.÷ Said the boys.
They finally knew who to go to, THE PUSS IN SNEAKERS. The only thing he could do was getting a potion from the fairly good mother. It was called SADLY EVER AFTER. They took it back home and gave to their brother duckling. He drank it but nothing happened to him they wondered why, it was because he didnĂt want to change. They were so mad that they told their brother he had to leave because he outshines the rest of them. He was sad but he left that night. That morning when they took a swim mother asked where was the beautiful duckling they all said they havenĂt seen him. They felt sad so they set off looking for their brother. They found him and said to him ˘we are so sorry ˘ They said ˘we love you and miss you÷ and they felt very bad for him. When they got home they all told mother what was wrong. She didn÷t notice what she did. They all went swimming and lived like ducks should lived a few years great ones though and now it was time for them to move on with their lives. They all turned into beautiful except the beautiful one he turned into the ugliest duck ever. So now when they go to the family reunions they look at old photos and see the beautiful duckling and say that wasnĂt you as a little duckling. Now he has ducklings of his own and this story starts all over again. So you know the once known beautiful duckling is going to watch out for the new beautiful duck. That is the story of the beautiful duckling. Oh, yeah and now the old beautiful ducklings mother never ever treated her son different until she was ready to die as an old wrinkled swan. When she died she gave all her money to the first beautiful duckling and the brothers were jealous again. The old beautiful duckling gave all the money to them in the end. They all got along for a long time. When it was time again for the family reunion they all talk about mother goose.
Now the family is living HAPPILY EVER AFTER. Except for the guys get into fight about whom mother loved the most and every one knows it was the old beautiful duckling. So now everyone loved old mother goose.